Staying On Track With Your Decluttering

Like many things in life you might find yourself distracted and realize that it has been a few weeks and your once very important goals of decluttering are slowly (or quickly!) drifting away from you. This happens to all of us and there are some simple things that you can do to ensure that you stay on track and do not get too far from the path that will help you achieve your clutter related goals.

Weekly Reminders

Even if you do not have a goal for the week try to make an appointment with yourself to review what you have done in the past few weeks or months and to remind yourself where stay focused to declutter you are heading. Do you have a room you want to tackle soon? Have you recently cleaned out a closet and want to go over what all that involved and what you did to keep it from becoming cluttered again?

Taking even ten or fifteen minutes can make a huge difference and help you stay on course.

Taking Action

Of course, we can set all the reminders we want but it is taking action and actually accomplishing what we need to do that will help us lead a more decluttered and organized life.

What I recommend is to try and set at least one goal per week that you can accomplish. Big, small, or in between - it doesn't matter; what matters is that you set the goal and get in the habit of following through.

For example: maybe you are busy and have a lot on your plate. Don't try to clean out the basement! Instead try to get all of the magazines that are laying around the house. Organize your shoes with a shoe rack. Clean out one drawer or other area in your kitchen or bathroom. Accomplishing that one goal, no matter how small, will help you much more than aiming for something you know you can't get done and then crashing and burning. It's basic psychology - everyone likes to succeed and feels better about finishing what they start.

Put yourself in the right position to get the decluttering momentum going by setting small, realistic goals.

Enlist Others To Help

Get others involved in your efforts. If you have more people to help you then you can get more done. Just as importantly, if you have others to help you then you will be accountable to them and much more likely to follow through on your projects. It will no longer be you justifying your actions to yourself - you will know that others are depending on you.

Keep Up The Decluttering

Keep up the decluttering and the hard work will pay off! Do you have any tips for staying the course that work well for you? Let us know in the comments below.


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