Smart Shelving To Reduce Clutter

Ok, let's say that you have a handle on bringing in clutter to your kitchen, but you are still not organized and can't quite decide what to keep and what to toss. A lot of us find ourselves at this point sooner or later and you need to be prepared by having some quick solutions in place. Hopefully today's tip will help you reduce your kitchen (and other spaces) clutter while also helping you get your home more organized.

under shelf rack

The idea behind the under shelf rack is simple; we want to free up space for the things we need, we want to create a system that helps us to keep only the items we require, and we don't want to spend a ton of money or have to jump through a bunch of hoops to reach this modest goal. That's one of the great things about the racks pictured below, let's step through the solutions they create one at a time:

Freeing up space for the things we need

By moving items to a usually unused area (underside, or top, or a shelf) we reduce the amount of clutter and items filling a given shelf. Remember that this is in order to make more room for the things we need – not making room for more stuff!

Creating a system to keep only the items we require

When you put your shelf racks in, figure out what you are going to put in them right away. As shown in the picture, tin foil, saran wraps, and other boxed items work great for this. The racks will only hold a certain amount, so it automatically limits us to a fixed number of items. Don't get lazy and later try to cram extra items in, remember why you put the rack in and how it is helping you in your organization and decluttering efforts!

Don't spend a ton of money getting rid of clutter

You don't need to spend a lot of money to get rid of clutter and get organized in your home. Many times you can re purpose items (for instance, making shoe racks) or get them at a low cost. These shelf racks are a good example of something that has a large payoff for a minimal cost – which is just how we want it!

Once you have them installed and sorted out, be sure to take a look at your shelves and see how much less cluttered they are, how much easier it is to find something you are looking for, and how a few seconds of time putting back what you used saves you effort down the road.

I hope you like the rack idea as much as I do – I find them really useful and one of those things that I thought “why haven't I gotten these before?!?”, the first time I saw them. 

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