Simplify Your Home

Besides the obvious goal of getting rid of clutter, what we should try to do is simplify our homes. Not only will this result in a decluttered house, but it will also make our lives easier, less stressful, and more organized.

The details of doing this with each individual area in a home would span several books! What I want to cover is the concept behind it and how to take some general tips into each area that will result in you simplifying it. Once you have simplified your home it is much easier to then get, or keep, it free of clutter.

  1. The first step is to go into one room or area and just look around. Honestly, take a minute or two and just look around and take it in. Are you happy with the condition it is in? Are there things that you can let go of or that are obvious clutter?Simplified Home Maybe you like it the way it is - if so, great! Move on to another area. Most of us will find things that we would like to change. Start making a list and get rid of the most obvious things first: trash, items you have no use for anymore, duplicate things, etc.
  2. Now that you've gotten the most obvious offenders out of the area, do a second sweep and see if there was anything obvious that you missed on the first pass. If so, grab it and get rid of it. Put it in a donation box, throw it away if it is trash, or otherwise figure out immediately where it will go (and not into another room!).
  3. Now that the easy stuff is taken care of take another minute or two to look around and look at the individual elements. Do you read those books on the shelf or is it time for something new? Is that jacket going to keep you warm this winter or just hang there in the closet? If you can't answer those types of questions off the top of your head, it usually means that it is time to help simplify your life by getting rid of these items that are taking up space in your home.
  4. Could your space be helped by a better (or any) storage system? Sometimes we just accumulate things and they really have no place to go. What we end up with is a shelf full of odds and ends, a closet with random piles, or a corner of a room with unidentifiable heaps. You may still have useful items, but if you cannot find them when you need them they aren't going to be very useful! Grab a box or storage container and start organizing the things that you do want to keep. I bet that right now you could look around and find a few things that you know need to be put somewhere else or gotten rid of - go ahead! Do it! As I'm writing this I can see at least 2 things on my desk that I will be tossing after I finish writing. Remember - taking action now is the most important part; even a minute or two now will pay off immensely  over time!

If you are able to do this when you walk into a room you can make some great changes. I use it from time to time to really think about what I have in my house and what actually needs to be there as opposed to what is just taking up space. When you walk into your rooms, take a minute to look around you and find out what is important, and what is just taking up your space.

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