Shoe Storage Solutions

Shoes are great - I'm glad that I have a pair of sandals for warm days, my boots for the winter, and several other pairs for everything in between. What I don't like is when they get in the way, get scattered throughout the house, or otherwise complicate or clutter up my life.

So, what solution is there for shoe storage? Well, the good news is that there is a wide range of solutions and they are fairly easy to implement. Mostly it just takes some of your time and the will to follow through.

Shoe Storage Solutions

Entryway: If your entryway becomes a jumbled mess of shoes that looks more like an obstacle course than an entrance to a home, it is time to take some action. First things first - ask yourself if you and your family really needs all of those shoes. Do you have two pairs of shoes that you use for something? Toss one of them or donate them to someone in need. This will help you get rid of some clutter and make the next step easier.

The second step towards your shoe storage solution in the entryway is to get a shoe rack - I won't go into detail here, but you can read up on various methods here and here. Trust me - this is a great time and space saver; even if you only put out a mat as a shoe "space" it will help you tremendously in the long run. I advise getting an actual rack (it's one of theShoe Storage Solutions first things I put up when moving somewhere new) if you have the chance. If you have more shoes than what will fit on the shoe rack, grab a hanging shoe rack where you can place the pairs that are not worn on a regular basis. You can then hang this in a closet in or near the entryway.

Now that you have the actual storage solution you need to put it to use. A rack or other storage method does nothing for you if you don't use it. Get in the habit of putting your shoes up when you come in from work - don't just kick them off and forget about them. It takes seconds to do and you won't even think about it after you have done it for a few days. Not only will it help declutter the area, but you won't have to look around in the morning - your shoes will be right where you left them.

Back door / Garage: If you have boots, yard work shoes, or other odd pairs of shoes that you keep away from the main entrance to your home I recommend getting a large container with a lid for shoe storage. This way you can knock any dirt or debris off of them and then toss them into the bin for storage - once the lid is on you don't have to see them or deal with them. Easy!

Another idea is to get a separate shoe rack for these areas. This may or may not work for you depending on your personal preferences and the climate you live in. For myself, I prefer to have a bin or box for outdoor shoes that I can toss them into. This way it only takes a second or two, I know where they are when I need them, and they stay out of the way, and mostly out of sight.

Do you have any great storage solutions for your shoes? Let me know by leaving a comment below.

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