Pot And Pan Hanger

Looking to improve your kitchen and reduce the clutter on your counters? A pot and pan hanger can help you free up counter space, improve the look of your kitchen, and make it easier to find and use your pots and pans. I'm putting one of these into my kitchen along with a hanging basket system for fruits, vegetables, and other items that I cook with frequently. Being able to have what you need right in front of you is very helpful and it keeps you aware of what you have. If you know what pots and pans you already have, you can keep those important pieces without going out and getting more. Additionally, you won't have to deal with deep drawers full of your pots and pans nested in each other and getting banged around. 

There are several different ways to go about using a hanging system for reducing your kitchen clutter. The simplest, and quickest, is a wall mount that you can then use to hang pots and pans from. This is very easy to install and only take a few screws or nails. The downside is that you might have your pots and pans dinging the wall and you can only hang so many items from a smaller wall mount system.


A great way to free up more space is to go the ceiling mount route. This involves securing a pot and pan hanger to your ceiling (be sure to find a secure mount, the rack will be supporting a decent amount of weight). These types of hanging storage systems can change the look of a kitchen and free up a significant amount of space. Instead of fighting clutter on your kitchen shelves and counters when cooking you can have a much cleaner and well organized area.


steel pot and pan hanger

Steel Pot And Pan Hanger

There are several ways to customize pot and pan hanger systems:

  • Chain links can be added or taken off to adjust height
  • Lighted versions are available to reduce amount of shadowing that might be caused by hanging pots and pans
  • Different materials such as wood and steel are available
  • Various hooks and hangers for attaching your pots and pans

If you choose to use a non lighted hanger, you can always install lighting after the fact. Hanging pot rack lighting can be ran after installation, although this will take some time and extra work. An alternative is to use a battery powered LED lighting system that can be turned on and off when needed. These are very cheap and can be put almost anywhere.

What I like the most about these hanging systems is the immediate space that they free up. What we have to be careful about is maintaining the clutter free areas – we don't want to hang up the pots and pans and then move more clutter into our newly organized area! Make sure that you work to keep counters clean, you will be paid off when you walk into your kitchen and see the pots and pans and the clean counters ready to be used for cooking!

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