Keep your shower clear of clutter with a shower caddy

When you use your shower, and your bathroom in general, you want to come out of

shower caddy

Simple and effective shower caddy

there feeling clean and refreshed – how can you do that with a cluttered up shower with empty bottles and razors falling off of ledges? Besides being dangerous and annoying, having all of these extra things in the way makes cleaning the shower or bath tub take more time; if it takes more time we are less likely to even do it in the first place! Take a step in the right direction by making use of a shower rack or shower caddy to centrally locate all the things you need in the shower.

As I mentioned above, making use of a shower rack has many benefits. This one is an easy task, the racks are cheap and do not take any time or work to install. They usually just slide on over the shower head, although you can buy ones that either screw into the shower wall (some work required) or adhere via a suction cup or two if you do not, or cannot, hang it directly on the shower head.

We always want to make things easier and simpler for ourselves and those in our homes, making use of a shower organizer does this and makes your bathroom look nicer. Instead of odds and ends spread out inside the shower, on ledges, hanging over doors and curtain rods, you can have everything in one place. The result is more pleasing to see and easier to navigate! No more tripping over bottles that fall off the sides or avoiding razors that fly off the side of the tub.

Who likes to clean the bathtub or shower? Not me! But I do like having a clean bathroom, and part of that is making it easy to clean. The less time I have to spend cleaning something the more likely I am to actually clean it. Getting my shower necessities off of the surfaces makes this cleaning task take much less time. Instead of getting everything out of the shower one by one, or pushing them to one side, I can take out the rack or caddy (sometimes you don't even need to do that) and then spray down the surfaces and scrub it out. I'm pretty sure that you are the same way – if you know it's going to be difficult, gross, or annoying, you probably won't put it high on your to-do list and that chore will get pushed off for even longer!

A great side benefit of organizing your shower is that you will actually get rid of clutter. By giving yourself a limited amount of space to use for storage you will naturally limit yourself to a certain number of items. Use that space effectively and get rid of the things that you don't actually need in the shower.

Besides using a shower caddy what is your favorite space saving trick for the bathroom?

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