How To Declutter Your Life

"How To Declutter Your Life" - that is a really big question! If you are just thinking that thought right now and wondering how in the world you can actually get anything done, get started, or how one even goes about getting rid of clutter, it might seem like the biggest and toughest question out there. I've got good news for you - in a few quick steps you can stop asking how to declutter your life and move on to the first steps of actually decluttering your life.

First things first. If you haven't been here before and are wondering what you are about to read - check out this page and this one if you are curious about who I am.

Ok, if you're still here - congrats! You've taken the first step towards moving past asking a question and joining the group of people that are improving their life and making changes that matter. Seriously - by not closing the browser window or tab or wandering off to do something else you are demonstrating your resolve and willingness to get something done. Good! I'm not going to lie - how you get rid of clutter in your life can be difficult and take time, but hang in there and you will start to make changes fast.

I have one "big" first step that I want you to take right now. Look around the room you are in and find something that bugs you or that you have left cluttered or dirty when you know you should have picked it up. It doesn't have to be anything large (no closets, entire rooms, or anything like that!), it should preferably be small and something you can take care of quickly. Here's a few ideas:

  • Desktop (computer or desk)
  • Desk drawer(s)
  • Bookshelf
  • counter top
  • night stand

Now, clean up that area in the next 5 minutes. Stop reading this article and go through the space you identified. If there is trash in there, throw it away. If you have items you no longer use, toss them or put them in a pile for later so you can donate them. The rest of the stuff needs a reason to be there - if it belongs then keep it or put it where it belongs.

You are building momentum - and if you just cleaned that one area up you are ahead of so many people that think, "next time, I'll do that next time...". That is probably 75% of decluttering - taking the time, right then and there, to do something about what is in front of you. Make no mistake, you will have to put in the time up front to get rid of clutter from the larger areas, but it is all a repetition of that initial start.

Good job! If you think you are ready to keep going and want some more advice, download my free book and get to work! All that stands between you and a decluttered life is yourself and a little time...

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