Holiday Cleanup and Declutter

Ok, the holidays have come and gone - hopefully they were good to you and your family! If you're on the ball and did a little planning and organizing ahead of time you will hopefully be relaxing a bit more than the rest of us that might have procrastinated things a bit. However, just because we are now facing the post holiday slump with a cluttered up house and lots of trash doesn't mean that it has to turn into a monumental chore or something that lasts into the upcoming year.

Take advantage of these quick tips to turn your home back around and get it ready for the New Year!

  1. Get the trash to the trashcan - now! Don't put it off, don't even think about doing anything else until this is done. Why start here? It's one of the easiest tasks and takes the least amount of time. Getting it done will make your home look much better right away and give you the momentum you need to keep going. Just be sure to make sure you're not throwing out anything important (cards, checks, etc) with the wrapping paper!
  2. Open up gift containers and put the plastic and cardboard into the recycling. Most gifts come in some sort of a container that will likely make it onto the floor, a corner of a room, or a counter somewhere. Take preemptive action and get rid of this clutter by taking the container off of the gifts and putting it into the recycling bin.
  3. Take some time to catch up on your regular day-to-day organizing and decluttering. Odds are that you have been very busy and haven't been able to do all of the things around the house that you need to. So, while you are enjoying these days off, take twenty or thirty minutes and get the washer going, clean the dishes, put the jackets into the closet, or take care of some of the other things that have slipped over the past couple of weeks.

Overall, this time should be taken to do the things that make the most impact with the least amount of effort and time. We still want to enjoy our holiday time, friends, and family, and don't need to stress out about clutter and organization. Take a few minutes to declutter your post holiday home and enjoy the lower stress levels and a cleaner home.

I hope you had a great December and are looking forward to an exciting New Year!

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