Reward Yourself! – Getting Rid Of Clutter Today Tip

Is there something that you saw in the store the other day that you really wanted? Did someone give you a gift that you really like but it's stuck in the closet because you just don't have any room to put it out? Or maybe you already have something nice that you'd like to show off but don't have the right space to put it out in. This type of situation can be a great time to declutter!

Start with the area that you want to display the item in. Is it your living room? Maybe your office or bedroom? Could it be a nice framed set of pictures that you can put on the desk near the kitchen if only some extra space would appear! What we can do is to take that space where we want to display and declutter it first. I recommend starting this process, as usual, with someplace smaller like a desk or countertop. Take all of the items off of it and go through them one by one. The goal is to make more than enough space for what you want to display – having your picture frame surrounded by clutter won't cut it. As you go through each item ask yourself if it is in the one place where it should be and whether or not it needs to be displayed. Do you have a bunch of loose pens on the table? Put them in a box in a drawer. Do you have your mail scattered across the coutertop? Get a box for your mail and put it all that one location. Go through all of your items and get them sorted and situated.

Now that you have the space cleared, go ahead and put that beautiful frame, gift, or other item out on that clean area! How nice does that look with all that clean space around it? Enjoy having it out for a bit; really think twice before putting anything back onto the surface that you just cleaned up. But, if you need to, just ask yourself if what you are putting back onto the newly cleaned surface is something you will really be using or is something that you look forward to seeing each day.

Enjoy your newly clean area!

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