Get Rid Of Shoe Clutter With A Shoe Rack

The entry way to the home is an important place. When we enter our homes, it is the first place we see and the first place we start putting things down. Usually, the first item to come off is shoes and boots. Shoes can become a source of clutter and begin to pile up at our entry ways – don't let that happen; we want to come home to a house that has an open and uncluttered entry. The first impression can be a lasting one. Imagine getting off of work and coming into your home with a spacious and clean entry. Now imagine coming into an entry with piles of shoes and shoes all over the place, having to pick your way through the clutter into order to not step on all of these things! You probably feel two very different feelings.

A simple addition to your entry area can make things much simpler. Getting a 2 or 3 level shoe rack takes care of the clutter for you. Even if you have many shoes, boots, and other odds and ends, having the shoe rack out will help declutter your area. If it is right there when you come in the door you won't have to even think about using it – you just will. When others see that there is an area for shoes and boots they will also put their belongings near the rack – it's human nature to follow along with others! Think about when you have gone into a home with a shoe rack or a coat rack; you know exactly where to put your things and that you are probably expected to put them in the correct place. Speaking of coat racks, putting one in your entryway can also be a great idea for reducing clutter from jackets, overcoats, and hats.

Wooden Shoe Rack


Both shoe racks and hat/coat racks can be cheaply bought, both new and used. If you have the time and tools you can make them yourself for a few dollars. I see these items for sale on Craigslist often and have picked up several nice coat racks after moving to a new area. Shoe racks are usually cheaper than coat racks and can be found new for as little as ten of fifteen dollars at stores such as Target, Walmart, etc. They are a great way to get you clutter organized and make your home a little less messy.

A great side effect of using a shoe rack is that you and your visitors will be less likely to wear shoes indoors, this will help keep your home cleaner and reduce the frequency with which you need to vacuum or sweep. This alone makes it worth the cost in my mind!

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