Get Rid Of Clutter At Work

Our personal space is a reflection of ourselves. If you have a messy desk or your work area is always cluttered up people will tend to think of you that way. Additionally, we can make things more difficult by having a disorganized workspace. Think of the time and effort expended because of the following problems with clutter at work:

  • paperwork lost in a pile
  • tools not stored in the proper location
  • storage drives on computers in total disarray
  • bookshelves and file cabinets out of order

These are probably pretty common to a lot of workplaces and can make a huge dent in our time, productivity, and happiness while at work.

work clutter

Don't be this person!

What to do?

Take a few minutes and clear off your desk. Do the best you can in a few minutes. It doesn't have to be perfect, but get rid of the paperwork clutter by recycling or shredding it. Put folders and files back where they belong. Grab a coffee cup and toss the pens and pencils in it.

Take a look at your computer desktop – do you need to clean that up? It can be really distracting to some people to have tons of files on the desktop; if that is you, take a minute and put them into the correct folders for continued storage in a more organized fashion.

How to keep it decluttered?

Hopefully, cleaning off your desk doesn't take much time. The larger issue is keeping it clear of clutter in the future. Try to get in the habit of putting things away before you go home for the day. Take one or two minutes to put pens and pencils back, put folders away in the correct filing area, and return any miscellaneous items to their original location. This should take just a couple of minutes and have a few long lasting effects:

  • Clean area when you arrive in the morning
  • Improve opinions about your habits (yourself and others!)
  • Reduce the time spent looking for “lost” items
  • Reduce stress from the above concerns

Taking the time today to get rid of some of your office clutter can pay off big over time. Today is the time to start implementing these changes. Start enjoying a more organized office now!


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