Declutter Your Home

I have a way that you can tell if you need to declutter your home. Not only will you know whether you need to declutter your home, but you will know exactly what the clutter in your home is.

The best part? This can take 5 minutes. Maybe 15 minutes if you really take your time and are very methodical. I gaurantee that you will be surprised and learn more about yourself, your home, and how to declutter your home if you take the time to follow these quick steps.

How To Find Your Clutter

Step 1: Grab a pen or pencil and a pad or sheet of paper
Step 2: Go outside, or anywhere that is out of sight of your belongings. You can also do this during the day, maybe on a break at work or during lunch. The main idea is to be away from and out of sight of your stuff.
Step 3: Make a list of all of the things that are important to you. Do this from memory. Be fair to yourself - “clothes” is not an item to list down, “the jeans with the sidedeclutter list pocket that fit great” is the type of thing you want to write down – be specific!
Step 4: Go back inside your home and make a second list of all the things that you didn't write down: “the rest of my clothes”, “the extra silverware”, “the two boxes of old toys”, etc.
Step 5: Once you are finished, review the list and take a look at all of the things you didn't even remember that you had, or didn't consider important enough to put onto the first list!

Once you have your lists, you know where your clutter is!

Now it's time to take action. If you are stuck for ideas on what to do with your clutter, take a look at the article on donations and the many benefits that donating your extra things offers.

Another upside to this type of exercise is that you will get a better understanding of what it means to be decluttered and more organized. Now, I'm not saying that if you get rid of clutter in your home you will magically know where everything is! However, as time goes on and you work at decluttering you should notice that you have less items to keep track of and fewer moments of “wait, where is that thing I need....?”.

What is really illuminating is all of the items on the second list that you didn't even think about when making the first list. All of these things are obviously not very important to you and didn't even come to mind when making a list of items that you would want to keep! Do your best to get rid of these things ASAP. Make donations, toss them out, give them away to friends or family – just make sure that you take action now. If you don't feel that you have the knowledge necessary to take this on by yourself and haven't read through my book on getting rid of clutter, go ahead and download it here - read through it so that you know how you can get rid of all the clutter you have identified in your home.

I really do believe in this type of activity. I like this idea so much that I'm going to do it myself today. It only takes a few minutes and is a great thing to do once every few months – we are never truly “done” with decluttering, it's an ongoing process that we incorporate into our lives to make them easier and our home more organized and peaceful.

Keep up the decluttering!

If you have any questions or comments, let me know by leaving a comment below!

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