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Do you have an area in your home that you wish you could get some help with? Do you want to get it decluttered? My solution is to help you - if you leave a comment below I will respond and help you get started in a room, find a storage solution for a messy area, or help with any other clutter related issue.

Helping out also brings up a good point - asking others for help when you are trying to get rid of clutter. There are a few issues that keep most people from reaching out and requesting or asking for help from friends, family, and others:

  • Feelings of helplessness
  • Embarrassment at not being able to "do it" themselves
  • Shyness

Let me settle the first one quickly - if you are ready to ask for help you are certainly not helpless! The fact that you recognize that there is an issue that needs to be dealt with and that you may not be fully equipped to properly deal with it means that you need help and are smart enough to ask for it, not that you are helpless.

I can identify with the second point - Embarrassment. Most of us do not like asking for help, especially when it comes to our own homes. All I can say on this is that the sooner you find a route that works for you, the sooner your home and life will starting clearing of clutter. If you are uncomfortable asking for someone to actually come into your home you can ask for advice in particular situations - like you are doing right now! By visiting my website and reading this article you are on your way to getting rid of your clutter. If you don't want to ask an actual person you can keep reading (check out the different categories - look to the right of the page for the area labelled "Article Categories"). Try asking your friends how they deal with certain parts of their home and keeping them clean, organized, or clutter free. Do you have a family member or two that you can confide in and also keeps a decluttered home? Ask away - I guarantee they will be happy to share their tips and hard won advice with you!

If you find it difficult to talk to people and consider yourself "shy" you still have many options. I would recommend many of the same options as those detailed above when facing embarrassment. Additionally, I would argue that you should really try and ask someone in person about it. Although this may seem to go against being "shy", it will only help you. Part of the issue is feeling uncomfortable; finding someone that you can talk to easily takes time but pays off immensely over time. Do you know someone that also is trying to deal with clutter? Is there someone you could approach that you know has organization or decluttering skills? Take the time to engage them. It doesn't have to be directly about getting rid of clutter - start with small talk and work your way there.

If you find that you really do not want to engage other people in your decluttering efforts, I encourage you to keep reading and to immediately start putting methods that you read about to work in your home. Most of the time you will need to adapt these methods to your particular situation - the sooner you get started, the sooner you will see results!

So, if you have a decluttering project that you can't get started, you can't seem to get rid of your clutter, or one particular aspect is stopping you from accomplishing your home organization goals, leave a comment below and I'll get back to you with an idea to get you out of the rut. Don't want to leave a comment? Send an email using the contact form.

Thanks for reading and keep up the decluttering!

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