Cutting Clutter With Furniture Storage

Hopefully your furniture isn't part of your clutter - in fact, it can be part of the solution. By making smart choices when selecting new furniture, or by making changes to existing furniture, we can help cut our clutter by adding storage space in an otherwise unused area.

Storage Bed With Drawers To Cut Clutter

One of the best choices we can make with regards to furniture is to get a bed that has storage space underneath it. There are several methods we can use depending on whether or not we are getting new furniture or making changes to an existing setup.

If buying new, look for beds that have multiple drawers underneath (like the one in the picture above). Utilizing multiple drawers will keep you from using one big drawer as a catch all for random clothes and other nick nacks laying around. Remember – we want to keep it organized and serving a purpose, not filling up with clutter.

    If you are not in the market for a new bed but can purchase a new frame, look for a frame that would fit your existing mattress and springs. Many times these can be purchased fairly economically and come in a range of styles and drawer configurations.
    Take a look at your local market place; search on Craigslist or other online options for used frames with drawers. This can reduce the cost from buying new and save money on delivery.
    Do you have access to a shop or someone that can make a drawer system for you? The raw materials for a project like this is not very expensive and can save a lot of money compared to buying new. A quick search on Google for “build your own bedframe with drawers” shows many results that give instructions on how to do this.
    Remember that the idea is to give ourselves more storage space and options for reducing clutter; we do not want this to turn into a clutter collection point! Use this space to keep piles of clothing from forming around your bed, use extra space in the drawers for items that are frequently needed but only when in or going to bed.

This idea of dual use furniture can apply in other areas as well. Do you use a footstool or coffee tables? Both of these can be had with extra storage. Footstools that act as a chest can be easily found and coffee tables with drawers or an opening top are also common. Utilizing these can give you space for organization and clutter reduction that otherwise wouldn't exist in your home. Try giving these a shot and enjoy the reduced clutter in your house!

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    • I agree – there is the most space under a bed as compared to other pieces of furniture. It may cost more, but will save space, time, and effort in the long run.

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