Clutter And Relationships, Part II

Now that you know that you want to get rid of clutter, how do you go about involving others and getting their help and support in the process? As with many things in life the key to successfully engaging others is good communication.

As discussed in the previous decluttering article, relationships and communication are very important in general and are also very important to our goals of decluttering. We don't live in an isolated bubble – no matter how insulated we feel there are always people around us that can affect us or are affected by us and our choices.

Begin with your family. It is most likely that it will be your family that either supports or has to be convinced that your decluttering efforts are the way to go. Choose a time when you can talk as a group and let them know what you want to do in terms of getting rid of clutter in the home and in your life in general. If you are not living with family, talk to your close friends that you feel confident sharing this part of your life with. There are a few things that you should be sure to do when talking to them about your decluttering plans:

  • Be specific – before you talk to them try to set specific goals for yourself so that they know what to expect. If you envision clear tables and counters, say so! Otherwise it may be unclear what you are aiming for and everyone involved can end up frustrated and not knowing what the end goal is.
  • Ask for their help – don't expect anyone to immediately do what you are thinking about! Let them know that you need or want their help.
  • Choose a good time – Don't put it off for too long, but try and choose a relaxed time when there is more than enough time to have the discussion
  • Ask for ideas – you might be surprised by the good ideas and everyone wants to feel involved.

Again, the key is communication. We all want to get started and be on the road to freedom from clutter, but our friends and family cannot necessarily read out minds! We need to take the time to let them know what we are going to do and how we are going to do it. On top of including them in the process and keeping them aware of our plans and goals, telling others what we intend to do will help keep us accountable. This is an important part of the process – when we succeed and make progress it will also help others see what we are doing and what can be done. Success breeds success.

The next article in this topic will be: How to help others with decluttering.

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