Closet Organization Ideas

A large part of getting rid of clutter is being organized, and we can all use help with closet organization ideas! It's an area that tends to be the "last bastion" of clutter in our homes. I've compiled a list of effective closet organization ideas to help you declutter and organize your closets - don't let you closets end up, or stay, like the one in the picture below!

closet organization ideas

Closet Organization Idea Basics

First things first; open up your closet and take an honest look around. Is it in bad shape? If so, no problem, but be open with yourself and admit that you need to get rid of some of the clutter if it is truly stuffed with odds and ends. Once you are ready to dive in, follow these steps:

  • Take out everything that is not hanging. Everything.
This will let you see what your closet space actually looks like and the amount of room that you have to deal with. Especially important is getting all of the boxes, loose clothes, and other items from the floor of your closet. If you are pressed for time, start with the bottom and come back to the rest of it at a later time.


  • Go through the pile of stuff you pulled out and separate into piles.
You should have two piles. One that consists of items to donate (old clothes), throw away (old boxes, paperwork, etc), or be situated elsewhere (winter jacket that needs to be put into the entryway). The second pile consists of items that will go back into the closet. Be fair but firm with yourself - the objective is to clear out the extraneous items and end up more organized and with less clutter. The more you can put into the first pile means the less time and effort you'll have to spend putting things back into the closet.


  • Go through the clothes that are on hangers
Now that you have gone through the piles of items to donate, toss out, or put elsewhere, you should take the time to do the same with the clothes and other items that were hanging up. Do you have old clothes that haven't been worn in a year? Donate them so that someone else can get some use out of them. Be honest with yourself and you will end up with less clothes and more room that will make organization easier.


  • Find some boxes and other containers that will fit into the closet
Below you will find some resources for containers, racks, and more that I find really useful for organization purposes. They aren't very expensive and I use them - but you can generally find ways to do the same thing for free. The exceptions might be hanging shoe racks, although if you are really handy you could probably sew one yourself.
That said, grab some cardboard boxes or other storage containers and sort your items that are going back into the closet using these containers. This will help you limit yourself to a known size and make it easier to store and find items.


  • If you haven't already, take a minute to dust off and wipe down the closet surfaces!
  • Now, start putting back the boxes and containers into the closet, trying to keep the floor clean
Keeping the floor clean of boxes serves two purposes; it limits the amount of space we use and it helps makes the area look much less cluttered. An additional benefit is that you won't have to bend over to lift boxes, this can be important depending on the weight of the items you are storing.
This process can be repeated as needed, but after doing this once you should start to have a pattern developing that will allow you to streamline your organizational efforts in the closet. The closet might now look like the one below after 30 minutes, but it will definitely look better, have less clutter, and make it easier for you to find things you are looking for.

closet organization ideas that work


If you like the industrial design of some storage products or you just want to have a more "ready" made system there are a ton of products out there that are low cost and can really boost your organizational efforts.

I also made a quick list that you can download, print, or just keep handy as a reminder and quick guide for decluttering your closet and getting it organized.

Closet Organization Method (pdf) (852)


I routinely use storage containers and racks in my closets and keep a shoe rack handy by the doors - I don't personally use a hanging shoe rack in the closets although I know several people that find them handy for storing out of season or extra shoes. Here are some more items that I find extremely useful for closet organization:

closet rack

Closet racks come in many sizes, shapes, and configurations - the main idea is that they are an easy way to add organized storage areas to your closet instead of having a stack of boxes or loose items. There are a ton of these available, find the one that works for your space to get the most value out of it.

closet shoe rack

Closet shoe racks can be made from standard closet shelving, heavier shoe racks, or anything in between. Generally you can get away with using something lighter and lower cost than what you would use in the entryway as it will not see the day to day use from several people. The extra space not used for shoes can be handy for extra items and boxes.

closet storage bin

Storage bins are great for the closet and many other areas. Some people prefer the bins without tops, I find that having the lid keeps me from keeping too many things and "overstuffing" it. Regardless, there are many varieties - find what works for you and put it to use; you won't be sorry that you began using storage containers on a regular basis in your closets.

Do you have any favorite ways to get the clutter out of your closet and keep it organized? Let us know in the comments below!

 (The links to products are for items that I endorse, have used, or plan to use in the future. The links are affiliate links which means that I can earn a small amount to support the site if you buy via the links provided, while not paying anything extra. If you decide to buy via the link, thank you and I hope you find the product as helpful as I do!)

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