Get Rid Of Car Clutter

Some of us have messy cars that are full of clutter. Or maybe they don't really have much car clutter, just trash! Besides keeping things clean and somewhat organized, it is possible to get tickets in some states for having trash laying around in the car (the actual ticket would be for not having/using a trash bag)! Let's take a few minutes and see what we can easily do to declutter our cars.

Get Rid Of Trash

Seriously, the first step is to grab a trash bag and go through the car. Anything half eaten, half drank, etc, needs to go. Wrappers, old paperwork, receipts, all need to go. If it wasn't important enough to take out of the car, it is fine to through in the garbage. This should take you about 5 minutes.

Messy Car

Car Clutter - and trash. Don't let your car look like this!

Now that you have the trash out of your car, put a small trash bag into the car to keep yourself, and others, from dumping trash on the seats and floor. I recommend putting a grocery bag around the shifter. This keeps it handy and in sight - you will know when it is full and can grab it on the way out of the car and toss into a garbage can. Voila - no more trash!

If you don't like the idea of a grocery bag hanging around in your car, or you want to make things a bit more organized, consider using something like the behind the head rest litter organizers (check out the picture below). These can hold bags, litter, odds and ends, and make things easier to clean up. They are inexpensive and can really help if you have more than one or two items to deal with.

car trash keeper

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Get Rid Of Shoe Clutter With A Shoe Rack

The entry way to the home is an important place. When we enter our homes, it is the first place we see and the first place we start putting things down. Usually, the first item to come off is shoes and boots. Shoes can become a source of clutter and begin to pile up at our entry ways – don't let that happen; we want to come home to a house that has an open and uncluttered entry. The first impression can be a lasting one. Imagine getting off of work and coming into your home with a spacious and clean entry. Now imagine coming into an entry with piles of shoes and shoes all over the place, having to pick your way through the clutter into order to not step on all of these things! You probably feel two very different feelings. Continue reading

Cutting Clutter With Furniture Storage

Hopefully your furniture isn't part of your clutter - in fact, it can be part of the solution. By making smart choices when selecting new furniture, or by making changes to existing furniture, we can help cut our clutter by adding storage space in an otherwise unused area.

Storage Bed With Drawers To Cut Clutter

One of the best choices we can make with regards to furniture is to get a bed that has storage space underneath it. There are several methods we can use depending on whether or not we are getting new furniture or making changes to an existing setup. Continue reading

Dealing With Mail – Getting Rid Of Clutter Today Tip

It is important to be in control of our paperwork; we don't always have control over what we receive in the form of paperwork and most of that tends to come from our mail. What we do have control over is how we deal with this source of clutter. With that in mind, let's look at a good way to deal with our mail.

Most people receive mail six days a week, this may depend on your specific location. Sometimes there are days when all that you receive is “junk” mail – mail that serves no purpose other than trying to sell you something or get you to donate money or some other distracting topic. We are all in the habit of getting our mail daily since that is the usual delivery schedule – but does that mean we have to let it occupy our space and time every day? No! Continue reading

Reducing Paperwork – Getting Rid Of Clutter Today Tip

One of my suggested ways of getting rid of a lot of physical paperwork clutter is to keep only what is important and to scan in anything else that might be needed. Scanning in your paperwork allows you to keep access to papers and information that might be needed at a later date (old and new tax information, bank statements, pay stubs, etc) through your computer and clearing out boxes or filing cabinets full of old paperwork.

Too Much Paperwork Clutter
An added bonus of this method is that if you do not yet have a good filing method for keeping track of your paperwork, scanning in your paperwork provides a great time to get started. You can make folders on your computer for different types of paperwork or even use free or paid for software that can allow you to annotate or keep a more complex filing system up to date. One that I reccomend, and use on a daily basis, is Evernote (I have no affiliation with Evernote, I just find it to be the best solution for many people's needs - including my own). Using this free software you can scan and upload documents, add keywords, or tags, that let you easily search through the many documents later for the one you need. Continue reading

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