Organizing Paper Clutter

Organizing paper clutter is a common topic for many reasons, the most important being that there is just so much of it! Even though we seem to be going towards a more digital type of lifestyle, there is no denying the role of paperwork in the world today. From utility bills, to to-do lists, to tax documents, there is no getting around paperwork and the clutter that it can produce if you let it get out of hand.

What we can do to fight this type of clutter is have a plan in place to deal with the issue so that it doesn't become a problem. So, let's look at some ways to organize our paper clutter. Continue reading

Cutting Down Cable Clutter

Do you have a maze of wires behind your television? How about a rats nest of cables near your computer? Cutting down on cable clutter is easy and a quick way to make your home look much nicer.

There are some simple ways to clean these areas up and make your home a little bit more organized. Another upside of doing this is that you can protect animals - some cats and dogs are known to chew on cables; this can shock them resulting in serious harm or even death. Continue reading

Making Donations To Get Rid Of Your Clutter

Something that clutter can actually do for us is to remind us that we are lucky enough to be in a situation where we have too much stuff. There are lots of families, communities, and individuals out there that have an actual shortage of income or possessions. Donating your extra items can not only help you get rid of clutter, but can provide someone with the opportunity to have something that they genuinely need. Clothes are the first item that usually come to mind, and are definitely an important clutter and donation factor, but there are many others.

Does your home have extra toys laying around? Do you or your children have boxes of old toys that are never used anymore? Consider donating these to help others in need – imagine how happy a child would be to have a “new” toy to play with! Continue reading

Digital Clutter Statistics

I came across this interesting graphic earlier today - a good example of how we value all of the little things we have collected very highly but we rarely actually use them. This carries over into our digital life; we all have pictures, emails, or presentations that we think we "need" but will rarely if ever actually look at again.

Digital Clutter Statistics

The next time you are on your computer, looking at your desktop, take a moment and go through your folders and weed out what you don't use or don't need from the truly important and useful information - you will end up with a computer desktop that is easier on your eyes and have less clutter in your life!

Dealing With Mail – Getting Rid Of Clutter Today Tip

It is important to be in control of our paperwork; we don't always have control over what we receive in the form of paperwork and most of that tends to come from our mail. What we do have control over is how we deal with this source of clutter. With that in mind, let's look at a good way to deal with our mail.

Most people receive mail six days a week, this may depend on your specific location. Sometimes there are days when all that you receive is “junk” mail – mail that serves no purpose other than trying to sell you something or get you to donate money or some other distracting topic. We are all in the habit of getting our mail daily since that is the usual delivery schedule – but does that mean we have to let it occupy our space and time every day? No! Continue reading

Reducing Paperwork – Getting Rid Of Clutter Today Tip

One of my suggested ways of getting rid of a lot of physical paperwork clutter is to keep only what is important and to scan in anything else that might be needed. Scanning in your paperwork allows you to keep access to papers and information that might be needed at a later date (old and new tax information, bank statements, pay stubs, etc) through your computer and clearing out boxes or filing cabinets full of old paperwork.

Too Much Paperwork Clutter
An added bonus of this method is that if you do not yet have a good filing method for keeping track of your paperwork, scanning in your paperwork provides a great time to get started. You can make folders on your computer for different types of paperwork or even use free or paid for software that can allow you to annotate or keep a more complex filing system up to date. One that I reccomend, and use on a daily basis, is Evernote (I have no affiliation with Evernote, I just find it to be the best solution for many people's needs - including my own). Using this free software you can scan and upload documents, add keywords, or tags, that let you easily search through the many documents later for the one you need. Continue reading

Dealing With Digital Clutter – Getting Rid Of Clutter Today Tip

Dealing with electronic clutter can be just as important as dealing with the physical clutter in our homes. Odds are pretty good that you use some sort of computer throughout the day or at least use one to store information such as pictures, contact information, videos, and odds and ends of useful information and web pages you have come across! Just as too much distraction and clutter in our home can be a bad thing for us, we can have too much electronic “junk” taking up too much space and wasting our time.

One of the biggest differences between electronic junk and physical junk is the amount of space it takes up. It's small! In the case of electronic junk it is more about wasting your time looking for something or distracting you from what you really want or need to be doing. We can keep a huge amount of information on computers today, but if we don't manage it correctly it can become a huge mess. Continue reading

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