Smart Shelving To Reduce Clutter

Ok, let's say that you have a handle on bringing in clutter to your kitchen, but you are still not organized and can't quite decide what to keep and what to toss. A lot of us find ourselves at this point sooner or later and you need to be prepared by having some quick solutions in place. Hopefully today's tip will help you reduce your kitchen (and other spaces) clutter while also helping you get your home more organized.

under shelf rack

The idea behind the under shelf rack is simple; we want to free up space for the things we need, we want to create a system that helps us to keep only the items we require, and we don't want to spend a ton of money or have to jump through a bunch of hoops to reach this modest goal. That's one of the great things about the racks pictured below, let's step through the solutions they create one at a time: Continue reading

Get Rid Of Clutter In An Hour Or Less

One of the best ways to start feeling better about yourself, your home, and your life, is to get started getting rid of clutter. I want to show you that you can get rid of clutter in less than an hour – sometimes that is all the time we have, so we need to make the most of it.

I’m not going to tell you that your home will be magically clean and won’t need to be get rid of clutter in an hour or lesstouched again – nobody can do that in an hour and hopefully no one tells you that you can do that! What you can do in an hour is get started and lay the groundwork for living in a decluttered home and improving your life.

First things first.

Take out a pad of paper and a pen or pencil, or open up your favorite writing software to write down your thoughts.

  • Write down the areas you most want to change, clean up, or toss things out from
  • Write down why you want to do this
  • Write down your goal and time estimate for each area – be realistic!

After you have written down these ideas and goals, find the one that you can accomplish in the amount of time that you have left in the hour. If you don’t have a task that will fit, divide one up into smaller components – this way you will have still accomplished one of your goals and will be on your way to getting rid of your clutter. One of the best things to have on your side when trying to declutter is motivation and momentum – it can be difficult to start sometimes, but once you start it just gets easier! Continue reading

Shoe Storage Solutions

Shoes are great - I'm glad that I have a pair of sandals for warm days, my boots for the winter, and several other pairs for everything in between. What I don't like is when they get in the way, get scattered throughout the house, or otherwise complicate or clutter up my life.

So, what solution is there for shoe storage? Well, the good news is that there is a wide range of solutions and they are fairly easy to implement. Mostly it just takes some of your time and the will to follow through.

Shoe Storage Solutions

Entryway: If your entryway becomes a jumbled mess of shoes that looks more like an obstacle course than an entrance to a home, it is time to take some action. First things first - ask yourself if you and your family really needs all of those shoes. Do you have two pairs of shoes that you use for something? Toss one of them or donate them to someone in need. This will help you get rid of some clutter and make the next step easier. Continue reading

Getting Motivated To Get Rid Of Clutter

I tend to come back to one simple rule – Get Started. If you want to get rid of clutter – get started. If you want to lose weight – get started. If you want to read more books – get started! It doesn't always matter how you do it, why you do it, or where you do it, it just matters that you are doing it and working on getting the momentum you need to keep things going.

So if that is the case, what else do we need? Well, I know as well as anyone that sometimes it can be tough to get started. For whatever reason we end up procrastinating or putting off what we could get started on today – even when we know that it will result in an increase in our own happiness – how crazy is that?!?

If you are having trouble finding the motivation to get started with a project or with a change in your habits, sit back and take a minute to relax and really think it through. You might be surprised how this can help your level of motivation. Continue reading

Buying A Printer To Reduce Paperwork Clutter

Ok - so the title probably sounds a little funny. Why would you buy a printer to reduce your paperwork clutter? Well, most printers that are sold nowadays have multiple functions and come equipped with a scanner. Having this little piece of equipment available to you in your home can make a huge difference in the amount of paperwork clutter and disorganization in your home.

I recently bought an Epson wireless multi-function printer that works great. Having the wireless capability is nice as well - several computers can connect via your home's wireless network and you don't have extra wires running all over the place. This may or may not be what you need, there are many models out there - if you're interested in seeing a few you can check out several on Amazon.

wireless printer scanner reduce clutter

My paperwork clutter reducer!

The key to reducing your physical paperwork is dealing with it appropriately. Although I always recommend taking care of mail and other sources of paperwork immediately, sometimes it piles up. If you have a plan to take care of this it shouldn't be a problem. Check out this article for a good plan to deal with your mail.

Now you need to identify what needs to be kept in a hard copy and what can be digitized. Some receipts probably need to be kept in order to be used if a return is needed. Those you can file away and take care of right now. The other category, those items that can be scanned, can be broken up into different types:

  • recurring bills
  • ownership documents (titles, deeds, etc)
  • copies of letters
  • non-critical receipts
  • tax documents

Ultimately, the way you decide to categorize your scanned paperwork will depend on how you can best remember and store them. I like to have one file on my computer for scanned paperwork and in that folder I make folders for each month; in these folders is where I put everything important that I scan in for the month. You can also use a program like Evernote to "tag" the scanned images or write yourself a note that is linked to the document. For example, you can scan in a bill that you paid and tag it with the word "bill" and write a note about how and exactly when you paid. This way you can go back and search for that exact item and easily find it.

I have found that by bringing a printer and scanner into my house I have reduced the overall amount of clutter in my house by a noticeable level! Not only are the important documents getting saved but I have less paperwork sitting on kitchen counters, my office desk, the night stand, and other random places throughout the house. On top of having a more organized house I like knowing that my documents are safely stored on the computer and that I won't accidentally throw away an important item because it was just laying out.

Remember to be careful about storing and getting rid of your documents - making a backup is important in case your computer's hard drive stop working, and shredding paperwork with personal information on it is advised. In fact, I'm looking into shredders for the home right now and will write up my review and how useful it turns out to be when I get it. I believe that it will further help with organization and decluttering in the long term, and give a sense of security from knowing that my personal information is not going to be easily available for anyone going through the trash or recycling.

Declutter Your Home

I have a way that you can tell if you need to declutter your home. Not only will you know whether you need to declutter your home, but you will know exactly what the clutter in your home is.

The best part? This can take 5 minutes. Maybe 15 minutes if you really take your time and are very methodical. I gaurantee that you will be surprised and learn more about yourself, your home, and how to declutter your home if you take the time to follow these quick steps. Continue reading

Get Rid Of Clutter At Work

Our personal space is a reflection of ourselves. If you have a messy desk or your work area is always cluttered up people will tend to think of you that way. Additionally, we can make things more difficult by having a disorganized workspace. Think of the time and effort expended because of the following problems with clutter at work:

  • paperwork lost in a pile
  • tools not stored in the proper location
  • storage drives on computers in total disarray
  • bookshelves and file cabinets out of order

These are probably pretty common to a lot of workplaces and can make a huge dent in our time, productivity, and happiness while at work.

work clutter

Don't be this person!

What to do?

Take a few minutes and clear off your desk. Do the best you can in a few minutes. It doesn't have to be perfect, but get rid of the paperwork clutter by recycling or shredding it. Put folders and files back where they belong. Grab a coffee cup and toss the pens and pencils in it.

Take a look at your computer desktop – do you need to clean that up? It can be really distracting to some people to have tons of files on the desktop; if that is you, take a minute and put them into the correct folders for continued storage in a more organized fashion.

How to keep it decluttered?

Hopefully, cleaning off your desk doesn't take much time. The larger issue is keeping it clear of clutter in the future. Try to get in the habit of putting things away before you go home for the day. Take one or two minutes to put pens and pencils back, put folders away in the correct filing area, and return any miscellaneous items to their original location. This should take just a couple of minutes and have a few long lasting effects:

  • Clean area when you arrive in the morning
  • Improve opinions about your habits (yourself and others!)
  • Reduce the time spent looking for “lost” items
  • Reduce stress from the above concerns

Taking the time today to get rid of some of your office clutter can pay off big over time. Today is the time to start implementing these changes. Start enjoying a more organized office now!


Declutter Your Bookshelf

Decluttering your bookshelf can be a quick way to make a big change in your home or office. If you want to get rid of clutter from your bookshelves or bookcases, you just need a little time and your home will be looking better, more organized, and cleaner in no time.

Start by taking a look at the shelf in question. Ask yourself the following questions:

  • What can I get rid of right now, today?
  • What can I move to storage and maybe donate or get rid of in a week or two?
  • What do I want to keep on the shelf?

Take action on the items that you can get rid of right away - remember, you want to get ridorganized and decluttered bookshelf of clutter - so be sure to find items that you can part with. Is there an old paperback book or two that you've read and haven't looked at in years? Donate those to the library today! Are there old magazine, newspapers, or other periodicals gathering dust? Toss them in the recycling bin!

Are there a  few items that you can't make your mind up about? Try to keep this group of items small as you will be more likely to hold onto them and have them come back as clutter at a later date. Some of these items might be books that you plan to read again, pictures that you might put in a book or store for later, or some other items that aren't the most important, but still have meaning for you.

Lastly, take the items that you know you want to keep on the shelf and put them in a stack to the side. These are the books you are reading, the pictures you look at every day, and other items that make you happy and fill a purpose of some kind. After you have removed everything from the bookshelf, wipe it down and clean it off. Dust the top and the backs of all the shelves. Make it a clean space for the things that you like!

After you have separated what you can part with, what you will store, and what you are keeping, place the keepers back onto your clean shelf, store your storage items, and get rid of the items that are going to donate or throw out. Remember, don't let those items hang around - the longer they stay in your home, the harder they are to get rid of!


Declutter My Home

Do you have an area in your home that you wish you could get some help with? Do you want to get it decluttered? My solution is to help you - if you leave a comment below I will respond and help you get started in a room, find a storage solution for a messy area, or help with any other clutter related issue.

Helping out also brings up a good point - asking others for help when you are trying to get rid of clutter. There are a few issues that keep most people from reaching out and requesting or asking for help from friends, family, and others:

  • Feelings of helplessness
  • Embarrassment at not being able to "do it" themselves
  • Shyness

Let me settle the first one quickly - if you are ready to ask for help you are certainly not helpless! The fact that you recognize that there is an issue that needs to be dealt with and that you may not be fully equipped to properly deal with it means that you need help and are smart enough to ask for it, not that you are helpless. Continue reading

Reducing Entryway Clutter

When you walk into your home do you immediately see clutter in the entryway? This is not a great way to come into your, or anyone else's, home - imagine how much better you will feel with a clean entryway, reduced clutter, and the ability to make it happen!

There are several sources of clutter in the entryway, but most likely it comes from one of three places:

  1. Clothes
  2. Mail or paperwork
  3. Shoes

These all have quick fixes, but one of them might take a little time as you develop a new habit to deal with the clutter. Let's start with the easiest one first! Continue reading

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