5 Minutes To Get Rid Of Clutter

Do you have five or ten minutes to spare? Sure you do – even on the busy days in our lives we usually have a few minutes where we are spinning our wheels and not really doing anything. Now, if you need the time to relax – do it! However, if you want to get something done and make a difference around your home, take advantage of this time to make a real impact on your work to get rid of clutter.

Although there is a long list of things you can do with a few minutes, I want to share one idea with you that I find works well for me, and I know that other people use it to good effect as well.

The general idea is to position yourself in one room or area and gather items that are out of place, laying around, or just haven't been used in a while. If you have a box, tote, or other container, place these items into it as you go through and pick items up.

Once you have gotten everything straightened up and the odds and ends put into the box (if you don't have a container handy, just collect everything in one central area) stop and take a look at what you have collected.

Do a quick “triage” and separate things according to these 3 concepts:

  • Items that are used frequently
  • Things that are out of place
  • Items that you are not sure what they are for or how they got there

Now, that third category is a little leading. Of course, if you have items that go in the third category those are the items that you can immediately toss out, donate, or give away to help reduce your clutter.

Additionally, you should think about the items in the second category. Is the item out of place because it is no longer used and was just left laying about? Maybe it was useful at one time but no longer serves a purpose in your home. In this case, treat it like an item from the third category and go ahead and get rid of it.

Once you have identified what needs to go, make sure you follow through and actually get rid of them. Either put it near your front door so you will remember to throw it out or donate it the next chance you get.

If you are able to do this type of activity once or twice a week you can make a large impact on your home and save yourself the hassle of having to spend long hours agonizing over what to save, what to keep, etc. Breaking it up into little areas and amounts of time makes the task much easier – and you'll feel better once you've done it.

If you are looking for specific organizing tips and help, these articles might help you:

Got any quick tips for five or ten minutes decluttering sessions? Let us know in the comments below.

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